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Share files with your friends or with the entire world by email. Easy and safe ! Like a filesharing server (plenty of features) but through your regular email client. Emails are simple and easy to use, can go through firewalls. Accessible to everybody everywhere... Just configure a server with its own email address and people can ask you a file just by sending an email which subject is the filename of the desired file. The file is sent back as attachment. Share files with others or give you a remote control. Autosend adds a lot of features to let you control who can use your server and what to share. You can also share different things with different users, the soft can handle multiple servers. Two way communication is possible, people can ask for files or send some if you allow it. The servers can also answer to some commands: sending the list of shared files, upload a file, create a directory, find a file among all those shared, list of newly shared files, execute a command... Some tools are also available : logfile parser, split of big files into smaller pieces, send lists of shared files, dial-up launcher, automatic creation of an html file of all shared files, private messages to the system owner. All texts sent within the mails can be modified and Autosend user interface can be customized in your own language thanks to language packs. Now offers the support for plenty of nice skins.

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